Replit login issue - Not loading login page when opening in VPS server

**Question:I want to open in a Virtual private server and do login to run my code that is there in replit ,However when i click login the page goes blank and shows nothing ,basically login page is not loading ,the same if i load in my local pc in browser everything works fine **

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code snippet

How to login in the VPS server any input . I just need to login and see the code so that i can run it there in the VPS .Login itself a problem .Reachedout to VPS provider they are asking us to reach out to you.


Same issue for me. With VPS its not working without it. no issues. not sure, if there some filtering going on.

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me too i have the same issue for me

Hey folks. Logging in via a VPS is not supported at this time.

It’s probably not the answer you were hoping for, but I know it’s nice to get an answer at all so you can be informed. I’d recommend making a feature request. Also, include in your feature request what you’re trying to accomplish with using a VPS so the team is aware of your use cases. This allows the developers more freedom to address use cases in other creative ways.

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