Replit loads webpages that don't exist

I have a website, and when I use the JS to go to another page, it loads a page for which I (using the git) deleted. When I manually put the file location in the url it also loads the page.
When I download it as a zip, the files also aren’t there

So how do I prevent the JS from going to the phantom files and actually let it go to the files I am telling it to go in JS

Hey, @FC4v1Casper welcome to the forums!

Can you please provide a link to the repl?
putting in “rianne” should bring you to location.href = ‘RiannePuzzels/NavigatiePagina/navigatie.html’;

but instead brings you to Rian

also the image of all the folders, it just goes to a folder that doesn’t exist but it still shows something

So without changing anything, I reloaded the website and now it goes to the correct page, but doesn’t load the CSS (or the JS)

as for the javascript, you do have an unnecessary = when loading ./rian.js.
Did you actually ‘run’ the repl after making the changes? See if it loads after you make some change in the JS and CSS files, then run. It wouldn’t have registered the file changes because they were programmatically added by git

Adding changes to the document did work, and yeah I dind’t notice the extra = in the js src, might’ve added that whilst tryingto fix this. Another reason stuff didn’t work is because my previous IDE had :15 just as 15px whilst in replit you have to specify

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