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Game jams concept for Replit

I was recently trying to create a game-jam on replit when I realized:
there is no game-jam system?
So, I made this concept (based off of the bounties page) to fix this issue.

This is a system designed to finally add a stable way to create game-jams, and give out cycles as prizes!

All Jams: shows jams (featurable by “most popular”, “newest”, and “biggest prize”)

Entered Jams: shows jams you are currently entered into.

Owned Jams: shows jams that you created.


Why are cycle prizes colored different? gray=no prize, green=prize, gold=prize > 2000 cycles


Replit hosts jams sometimes. There was a recent one for the Google Cloud Vercel AI (I’m not sure if it’s still available now). You can find these Community activites in the Community Hub.

For your idea, it’ll just mean that Replit will be losing ‘money’ if they give away Cycles just like that.


@NateDhaliwal Cycles would be given away by the creators of the jam, not replit themselves


This would also also allow others besides Replit to host jams


Then what will be the benefit for the creators of the jam? Sorry for the possibly stupid questions, I don’t understand much about jams.


The point of jams is mainly for fun. Some jams will have cycle prizes, but I’m guessing most won’t.


There isn’t really a benefit, other than bringing a whole community of devs together to check out each other’s entries. Like OP said, it’s for fun.


This is rly cool – wonder if something of this sort will ever be made.


Maybe you would have to pay a set fee to enter the jam, that way the creator of the jam would benifit if enough people joined

Heck yeah!

This is such a great idea, hopefully this will become a feature in the future

The idea of being able to host small scale game jams seems like it would be fun, and good for amateur developments to meet others. Maybe any projects for the jam could be posted to it, and viewed by others?

or there might be a fee to join set by the creator

that kinda defeats the purpose

Why? the winner would get the cycles.

Yes, but it should be free for all, so that it encourages more to participate. If it were paid, people may not participate as it requires a fee. Note that many Replit users are hobbyists and students.

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Some could be free, hosted automaticly

What would be the purpose of paying to enter the jam?

I guess you’d get all the cycles everyone else payed to enter? Idk, I don’t really get what they’re saying

Then if one person enters other than you…
Who’ll get the Cycles?
It should be free, but maybe the more premium ones that require the Google Cloud Vertex AI could be paid? Idk.

The winner. I should have clarified that in my previous post.

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