Replit Following Count is Wrong

Problem description:
My account states I have followed 367899 when I have followed more, it stays stagnant at the count I had after my following spree

Expected behavior:
Following should be some count more than 367899 since that’s the amount I had after my following spree

Actual behavior:
Following Count is never updated, instead it stays at 367899 even after following numerous people (it once moved up to 367900 after I followed someone then it moved back down after following another)

Steps to reproduce:
Merely follow 367899 accounts, if you can’t do this, that’s just sad and a skill issue

Bug appears at this link:
replit profile

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Should we blame caching? Or they dident think people would follow this much

And Im not going to count so I cant saw I can repro

I have no idea what that site does XD

EDIT: it’s actually really easy to reproduce just spend hours following exactly 367899 accounts, and only 367899 accounts

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That site is meant to be a joke. Just its a good assumption if you blame caching most of the time

oh ok, thank you :smiley: I guess

That is… a lot of following… my gosh…

thank you, it took a while, but yeah

I totally didn’t run now banned follow script, but I mean even Ray and Haroon, both site mods, ran it so

BTW, coming for your #3 place :eyes::eyes:

What about my #1 spot. Or should I just wait until I can grant and revoke cheers through the API and give myself cheers the number of people you follow?

oh yeah you should probably wait until you can revoke all my cheers cuz then the record would make me seem even more skilled since I won in a scuffed battle

but legit, I hope I can catch up to you! :smiley:

And ayo, it took me time to follow that many people

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You will need to do a lot more than hope :laughing:

Hmm, if I keep up this pace… 660 per 12 days… I can catch up in 48 days O_O

Thats if I dont gain any. And I probably gain about that many too…

oh, dang it… ugh, well 2nd place is pretty good. Maybe I can get mod and use that to actually get bounties :sob:

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