Replit Discord Invites Paused

what’s wrong with tuesday lol XD

when was the raid :0

2 late .gg/replit is stolen

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What server is it directed to? Since what was the server became unoffical

some placeholder server that links to a .gg/## not sure if i can say

Thats not a real server. THats just somebody who sniped the URL

i can tell that it is a snipe just im a little upset since i need to get in bcs i have extentions beta

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How did it get sniped? Did someone one of the server staff remove the vanity url?

Also, you can get the vanity back by emailing Discord Support for it.

To this I shall reply:

The new server invite is .gg/replit-friends (The server has been made unofficial and @connor is the new owner)



Why has it been made unofficial…?

still unable to accept invite :frowning:

Many arguments within Replit’s community team and the community itself. I won’t go into detail that much, but if you’d like I can send a PM to you with a doc explaining it.


Still paused, no ETA yet sadly.

oh could you add me to the PM I’d like to know

could you add me as well

Can you add me to the PM too?

might as well add me to the PM

Not inviting anymore people to the PM, this is enough people at the moment

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Invites do seem to be back up now! Please note the new server URL is the old one redirects to a spam server (since someone thought they were very funny)

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Why would they do that? Also why did everyone fight over the server? I mean like shouldn’t the owner of Replit decide?