Replit Discord Invites Paused

I’m trying to join Replit’s Discord Server through their vanity url but it says invites are paused.

Is there something going on in the server that I don’t know about?

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When I try to join the Replit discord server with Replit , Discord tells me the server has paused invitations, preventing anyone new from joining.

I wanted to see if there was any information or if there were any updates on this. I don’t see it mentioned anywhere.

I have asked internally about this. I will provide an update when I get some info


try this?

Nope. Invites are still paused.

This makes sense because that link is the same thing as the vanity url.

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that’s weird when I go my discord opens up and I’m prompted to join

when you’re not in the server and press/click the join button on the invite prompt, it says invites are paused :confused:

oh that’s weird yeah I’m not in the server either I just press it and I get invited :confused:

but what happens when you click the join button on the invite prompt?

Oh I never tested that XD

EDIT: You’re right! I cannot join it sorry about causing confusion/trouble

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hey! there was a raid in the server a while ago so the chat mods decided to pause invites. hopefully it should be back up soon :smiling_face:


Thanks for letting us know! Do you know when they’ll open the server back up?


no clue, however like ethan said either one of us will provide some info when it’s back

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Got locked out of my discord, had to make a new one, and came back to this very lovely message.

I have been told the invites will be re-enabled tusday

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.gg/replit vanity is gone??

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anyone have an invite

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Hmm no I tried it and it’s invalid

It’s still Tuesday, so let’s wait until Wednesday before reopening our concerns.

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I have asked for an update since its Tuesday

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