REPLIT DEPLOYMENTS - Not working with replit DB, Can i use Postgree SQL?


Im making the migration of many of my replit Flask into deployments.
But im having an issue with replit deployments.

It look like it cannot handle the main replit integrated database.

I’m using this feature in 2 of my reples. This is a big priority as i have to change the code again to resolve the program.

I don’t know if replit integrated Postgree SQL can be used in the deployments?

If not, tell me better solution for using in my programs.

Thanks alot!

Coming to another topic.
It bothers me a bit that replit is demanding deployments while they cannot solve this database issue.

Best regards

@choriegojose Yes. The PostgreSQL database is hosted by Neon, so it will work well in deployments. I use it quite a lot while deploying projects, actually.


Thanks for the Confirmation @RedCoder

Helps alot.

I’m gonna use it then.

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