Replit deploy section stuck on loading bug

i want to deploy my code and i cant. i just bought replit core. i bought it from another computer and re login from my personal computer.

same issue here … :<

its ridiculous i need to deploy and i got stuck because of it i am using dev.

they need to sort out their support emails too , their support seems to repeat what i say and mail it back to me

Hey, could you share more? Trying to understand the issue.

right so i bought the yearly core membership on May 25, 2023 for $220 & i bought the hacker plan too which was discountinued ( i never got the refund for it ) and now i see the core price being $12 / mo which makes it $144 yearly but my invoice still shows $220 , isn’t that supposed to be fixed & also about my hacker plan refund maybe u could add additional core days

Can you send me your username on Replit?