Replit Database not working in Deployment

When I deploy my bot on Replit’s reserved VM, I cannot pull things from the Replit Database using Discord commands.

When I run the bot within replit, this is not a problem at all. How could I fix this problem?

if you are using the from replit import db or something similar, then the database is linked to your account. However, you can use PostgreSQL, which is not specified to your account as an alternative, as it is already on replit. It costs money, but comes with Core

Oh and remember, after you update your repl, you have to redeploy it

This is not true, ReplDB is per-Repl. The only way to share one between Repls is to manually copy the URL to all of them (and then it’s unstable because it changes sometimes), or to setup a Repl as a DB proxy.

yea but its also kinda per person
each repl has a db for every person
i guess it doesn’t matter anymore after hosting changes

Only if they’re separate Repls, if you are invited to a Repl then it uses the same DB.

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Has anybody found a solution, only thing I found was just redeploying the bot.