Replit blocked cuz of tos

So i have no clue if i can get banned for saying this it’s kinda like confessing to i just want spotify my school but my replit wont wake up and i fork it is about tos soooo idk what to do

Hey, @BraxtonOwens welcome to the forums!

Repls meant to bypass school restrictions are against TOS so that’s why it was blocked

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Its not meant to do that.

Ok. But its still in violation of the rules so its staying blocked and stuff

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If i get an ok from a school admin? (not trying to be annoying)

I dont think it would be allowed. cc: @RayhanADev

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can i at least get my code? so i can go on a different site

Yes. We wont stop you from taking your own code

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I cant see that code tho

Can you share a screenshot of what you see then?

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its just loads i can do a wifi speed test if you need it?

I would say that you should wait for it to load.

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its has been for 10 min


Your Repl may be poisoned, in which case it is likely unrecoverable. Sorry but it is recommended that you don’t violate ToS next time by importing a proxy. :slight_smile: