Replit advanced AI not actually making changes


Hi all. This is probably just me doing something dumb, but I’m asking replit advanced AI (in another tab) to make a change to the code, and I have it in the ‘edit code’ mode. It then says ‘To implement the feature I will: yada yada’ and generates some new code in the seperate tab (with unedited parts omitted) but then doesn’t actually change the file I have open in the other tab.

Am I just being incredibly dumb about something? Thanks

Screenshots, links, or other helpful context:

code snippet

well to make it actually edit your code, you have to use ghostwriter instead of a new separate AI tab.
you can still use your advance model.

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AI doesn’t edit your code for you. You have to copy and paste it yourself.

You can right-click the editor and select “edit” then it will show possible changes that you can accept.
Hope this helps!


Hey there! To have Replit AI directly edit your code, you can highlight the code in your text editor, then select “Modify” (the little pencil icon), provide a prompt, then hit run. Once you accept those changes, it will automatically edit your code for you!

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