Repl Waking Up ... forever!

I had a student create an NodejS / Express repl (they are working in a Teams for Education project), and it just keeps showing Repl Waking Up…

We tried setting the history back to the very beginning of the project – with a totally innocuous express script (the example), still the same.

Is there someway to abandon the repl entirely and have them start from absolute scratch? I don’t know enough about repls work (clearly) so any advice would be appreciated!

Replit hosting is temporarily not working (Replit status):

If the problem persists after this issue is resolved, you could simply create a new Repl to start over from scratch, but try kill 1 in the shell of the Repl first, this may help.

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Thanks for that, @MattDESTROYER. This must’ve just gone down. My student checked abut 30 minutes ago when I posted, and said it was in the green.


Must’ve checked just before the bug was detected.

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