Repl unavailable

Hello, recently my repl has became unavailable for a number of times, when I open it, it says “This Repl is unavailable at the moment”. When I also go to its url It says that it should be Run first.

If your repl has been making too many requests or is receiving too many requests, it will crash due to the 100GB hard bandwidth limit per repl.

To fix this, you can set your repl to Always-On (purchasable by cycles).

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I see… in what amount of time is this bandwidth measured? 100GB per day/month? Or is this applied since the repl has been created?

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I believe the limit is upheld monthly. It used to be in the Terms of Service but it seems to be gone now.
If this happens again, try running kill 1 in your repl to fix it.


Thank you very much for your response. :pray:

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