Repl started having issues with python out of nowhere. Never run into this issue before

I randomly started getting this, but idk what’s wrong or how to fix it:

/home/runner/[Repl_Name]/venv/bin/python3:  line 3 exec:: not found
exit code 127

That’s what flashes before console clears itself

This is what’s in the file the error is pointing to:

#!/usr/bin/env bash


It doesn’t like something in the exec part of the LD_LIBRARY_PATH. This is the first time I’ve even opened this file. What got screwed up, and how do I fix it?

Welcome to the community! Please include the link to your Repl so that we can attempt to determine the issue. If you edited the file you can restore it using the version history.

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I get no error. I just get a blank white webpage.

if you spam the run button while looking at console, does any text flash on the console then disappear?

That’s how I saw I was getting this:

/home/runner/[Repl_Name]/venv/bin/python3:  line 3 exec:: not found
exit code 127```

I don’t have the console; I don’t have edit access to that Repl. Please don’t give me that either. Are you using bigminiboss’ bot template? Bigminiboss is kinda taking a break right now but @Firepup650 might be able to help.

I am not using a bot template. I wrote everything from scratch myself

I was trying to integrate DiscordOAuth2 when it broke. I could restore from github, but the last commit was 5 months ago, with ~9k changes in all kinds of files. I’m wondering if downloading the reply, clearing the current files, and uploading them back will fix it, but idk if that’ll do anything

After doing some more digging, apparently my packager files can’t find Python3.

Why? Idk

How to fix? Idk that either

If you need a working Discord OAuth system I could help :), but remember don’t be using it to scam.

Aiming to build a site like Dyno or MEE6, but for my bot. I despise scammers. I just want to provide an easy way for users to view their stats in the bot instead of making a 100+ lines of code for a stats command in addition to providing an easy way to store and lookup my bot’s command documentation