Repl not saving

Problem description:
Repl is not saving

Expected behavior:
Repl saves

Actual behavior:
Repl is stuck on “saving”. It has been stuck on this for 2 hours

Steps to reproduce:
Create a Repl in HTML, edit some code, and it does not save


Chrome on a Chromebook

it might be more useful if you link a repl where this happens.
I can’t reproduce on Edge Dev, Windows Beta

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Hey, @TripleSevenGames.

I’m on Chrome on Chromebook and this does not happen to me, maybe it’s because of WiFi or something like that. However, I checked your account to test by forking your repl and seeing if it happened to me, the projects are unblocked game websites. Those are not allowed on Replit as you are infringing copyright if you don’t have permission to host those. To be safe, I didn’t fork. I did try on a regular HTML project I created, there seems to be no problem.

Ok, it may have been my Wi-Fi.

Thank you!

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