Repl Custom Tips

Hey all,

Paid out a bounty for someone to create a Custom tip Repl for me. (Just a bit of python.)

Can I share this as a public Repl? I didn’t find anything in TOS/Docs about custom tips, but wanted to ask.

I’ve included multiple warnings about environmental secrets in the Repl to ensure user safety. (As it uses connect.sid)


Since you are the bounty poster I think you are allowed to.

All rights to the work are transferred from the Bounty Hunter to the Bounty Poster upon successful completion of the Bounty and Cycles are exchanged. By submitting a work for acceptance, the Hunter represents that they have all necessary rights in the content of the work to transfer to the Poster, as specified in our terms.

So since you have all the rights you should be able to. And worse thing is we just need to delete the post if Replit staff says you cant.

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Sounds good! Was just concerned w/custom tips being somewhat esoteric. Thanks for the solution!


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