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Problem description:
Sept 13 - I am still unable to open repl. It says Booting repl but nothing shows up for half hour. When it eventually does I cannot run it

Expected behavior:

Actual behavior:

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Bug appears at this link:

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Welcome to Ask! Could you please provide the link to your Repl so we can take a look?

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Unit 1 - Variables - Replit

That link is a 404. Is your Repl private? Also is this a school assignment?

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It is a class assignment. I created project and assigned to them

Are you still experiencing this issue? Replit has implemented a fix.

Its very veryl slow. This is what happens when I try to cerate a new Project

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Hey @nabains!

Does this happen for every Repl you try to access, even on your personal Repls? If so, can you open up your browser’s developer tools, click the network tab, and refresh the page to see if any requests are failing (send a screenshot of the failing requests)?

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