Removing the Nix Enviorment

I’ve been trying to install firefox via the replit command line and everytime I do it I get stuck with the stupid Nix Environment which I can’t remove.

Anyone know how to remove it…? Or just install packages.

did you remove or mess with the replit.nix file? It should be automatically adding firefox when you hit enter after the ‘command not installed’ comes up (or use arrow keys to select other matching packages). The file structure should be:

{ pkgs }: {
 deps = [
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If I remember correctly, there are a few templates of the older environments before nix was added. Maybe you can use those.

When I enter, it gives me a selection for what to download. Which I do, problem is it adds the Nix environment which takes forever to load… (if it even does.) I’d like to have the normal bash/python enviorment instead of Nix’s.