Remake Replit community?

As confirmed by Ray, the Replit community will be practically removed very shortly with comments being hidden from the cover page, providing less of an incentive to post.

This, perhaps, raises a market. What if the standing Replit community were to recreate it offsite, where people can post by uploading a URL, get tips with a Buy Me a Coffee integration, and so on so forth?

Let me know if any of you are interested, could be a good collab.


My Repl Talk remake is currently as close to the old one as I can get it (with the new ui and downvotes ofc)

But if it’s used often enough I’d be willing to add other things


What’s it made with? I’d say you could just remove replit branding altogether, make a “showcase” type post, and that’s pretty much it.

I’d love to work with you on that!


It’s using Next.js and GraphQL for the API
Removing Replit’s branding would be difficult- I wanted it to be based off of talk, it’s using their UI components, and you can import Replit’s themes
(I’m bad at designing things XD. CSS itself is easy enough)

And this is where I run into issues on many projects- I am horrible at working with other people lol
I usually try to keep my code pretty consistent and having someone else there usually doesn’t go well
Thanks for the offer though! I’ll be accepting (hopefully a lot of) feedback once the site is public so if you have any ideas let me know =P