Random person accessed my page

I have on my website that I created using replit, it has a user name and email registration box,
and when the user registers on the site, the registration data is sent to another page, and when I opened this page today, I could see that there was a person named sho or he registered

on the site, but after I have seen a little bit of my site. I have modified the code in it and

deleted this person, but I have not modified the site. I do not know how this happened and
whether this happened because of an employee working in the repelit company, or I do not know how
this happened, and this problem violation of privacy :rage:

I’m confused. What is the problem? Do you not want people to register on your site?


As @QwertyQwerty88 said, if you don’t want people on your website, why would you have a registration system :skull:

You most likely created that account yourself by accident anyways…


Guys, no. I just mean that someone has modified my site code

@o7o Can you make it more clear what’s going on? Perhaps include the link to your Repl?

Also, going off of Qwerty’s comment, how exactly is this problem a violation of privacy? Whose privacy?

This is only possible if you’ve invited someone afaik
If you go into your Repl’s history you can see who has made changes to your Repl

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No, I did not modify the site at the time, and I did not share anything from the site to anyone here


I doubt Replit modified your Repl in any way if that’s what you’re getting at

Could you share your Repl’s link here?

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Next time send the link to the cover page.


Does anyone else have access to the device you use Replit on?

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I meant the replit.com/@<username>/<Repl name> URL, which I figured out is https://replit.com/@o7o/aymon-games-store

There’s a lot of files… but I still don’t think anyone would’ve modified your code or could’ve from what you’ve said…

Your original explanation of the problem makes no sense. Could you restate it again.

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Which file(s) specifically?

I think replit company did that

I doubt that tbh. They don’t do that
All Repls are given to be used by Repliters… and why exactly would Replit change your code anyways?

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There would be no reason for anyone who works at Replit to modify your code. Again, does anyone have access to your device, someone who could have potentially changed the code?

But no one can do that but them

First: Does anyone else have access to the device you’re currently on first of all?
Second: why would Replit change your code? There’s no reason to

Also, based on comment #4, in theory you can just go back through your history, find a place before the ‘modified code’ and set it there. I don’t know if that solves your problem or not, but it’s an idea

The modification that occurred is that there is a person who registered on my site and was given his IP, so I think that whoever registered on the site was someone from Ripple, and when he found out that his IP was with me, he deleted it from the site

Please just answer the question. Is there anyone who has access to your Replit account or any devices that you own that you’re logged in to Replit?

There’s no reason for any Replit staff to do that. A Replit staff member will not check your Repl unless you ask them to.

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Of course no one owns my device