Quick.db error in repl.it

It’s a problem with quick.db, but I don’t understand why it gives.


Hey, @mkarabayrak0 welcome to the forums.

Can you please provide us a link to the repl?

81charmelsMark0000 - Node.js Repl - Replit yep

this is link

I don’t know how to throw the link, it gets deleted every time I try to post it.

I see its probably getting caught by Akismet (anti-spam) since you are making replies that are almost only a link. Dont worry thought since a mod will mark it as not spam. And I was able to open the link and I am trying to figure out the problem

Hi @mkarabayrak0, you might be on a version of node.js where the null coalescing operator had not yet been added. Try options.table = options.table || "json"