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  1. Can you change the properties of a Teams project — in particular make a non-group project into a group project — after it is created or is right after the Create Project button is pressed the only opportunity? (Feature request: Be able to change an individual project to a group project. I realize that it may be difficult to modify a project after team members have forked it, but it should be possible before, right?)
  2. Is it possible to create a Teams proect from a repl in My Repls? (Feature request: make that possible, if it isn’t already.)


Hi David!

You can make group projects individual by assigning only one student to each group, but you can’t currently make individual projects into group projects without recreating them. I recommend you make everything a group project so you have lots of flexibility in this regard!

Alas, no, not at this time!

For both of these excellent points of feedback, would you mind adding them to our Canny board so we can track them as we triage our next steps?

Thanks, Lena. Your suggestion for my first question is great — why didn’t I think of that?!

I will add to Canny.

— dcp

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