Questions about Replit Teams Pro plan

The Teams Pro pricing page says:

  • 5 Reserved VM Deployments
  • 5 Boosted Repls

It also says:

  • 2x Repl size (1 GiB per Repl)
  • 4x Memory (2 GiB per Repl)
  • 4x Speed (2 vCPUs)
  1. Does this mean for $15 per month we get to deploy 5 always-on VMs, with 2 vCPU & 2 GiB RAM per VM ?
  2. Can we choose the location for deployments (Asia, Europe, etc.) ?
  3. Are static sites also free for Teams Pro ?
  4. Can “Free Starter Team” be Upgraded/downgraded to/from Teams Pro ? (The link that says “Upgrade to Teams Pro” directs me to create a new Team.)
  5. Can Teams Pro plan be paid for with Replit cycles ?