Python Import Error: cannot import name 'Bot' from 'telegram'

Here is my file.

import random
from telegram import Bot

def send_random_message():
messages = [“message 1”, “message 2”, “message 3”]
bot = Bot(token=“lopemipsum”)
bot.send_message(chat_id=“loremipsum”, text=random.choice(messages))


This results in the error:
ImportError: cannot import name ‘Bot’ from ‘telegram’ (/home/runner/motivationTelegramBot/venv/lib/python3.8/site-packages/telegram/

What is problem?

You should probably read the documentation of the library you’re trying to use.

Hello @MaximilianRehn

This error message is indicating that there is a problem with the import statement in your Python code that is trying to import the ‘Bot’ class from the ‘telegram’ module. This error can occur for a few different reasons:

  1. The ‘telegram’ module you are trying to import from is not installed in your environment. You can install the telegram module using pip by running ‘pip install python-telegram-bot’

  2. The ‘telegram’ module you are trying to import from is not in the correct location. Make sure that the module is in the same directory as your script, or that its location is specified in the PYTHONPATH environment variable.

  3. The ‘Bot’ class has been moved or renamed in a recent update of the ‘telegram’ module.

  4. There is a naming conflict with another module or variable in your code, that has the same name ‘Bot’.

Make sure that you are using the latest version of the ‘python-telegram-bot’ library, and that you have the correct import statement in your code. Also, check for naming conflicts with your own code.

please let me know if it works

hope this helps!

Hey, replit has a feature where it attempts to auto-install packages based on your code. It will search the pypi indexes for the package with the name closes to the module you try to import. What this is doing is that there was a telegram package made, and therefore, replit is installing that. Instead, use the following code that mitgates this:

import random
    from telegram import Bot
    import os
    os.system("pip install python-telegram-bot --upgrade")
bot = Bot(token="lopemipsum")

async def send_random_message():
    messages = ["message 1", "message 2", "message 3"]
    await bot.send_message(chat_id="loremipsum", text=random.choice(messages))