Python code doesn't run

I will run my code and nothing comes up in the console. It just says it’s running but never gives and output or even an error.

Can you share the replit?


Your code defines a class and the core of your program (at the bottom) instantiate an object f the class without assigning to nothing. And effectively it does nothing …

Did you copy this from somewhere?

No, I haven’t. Can you explain?

do you see how it never fully runs?

Try setting guessImports to false in .replit. I think it is doing package guessing and that is taking along time.

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if __name__ == "__main__":

It just instantiate an object of the class TwoBreakSorting (meaning it will execute init(self) ) and that’s it. You also do not assign the object to anything btw

It is already true … this code does nothing and to me feels like the OT copied it from somewhere as who wrote this code knows even the meaning of _ and __ in python, therefore should know what the issue is

Or this is a school assignment …

I said false.

I am pretty sure they are asking why it does not stop quickly.

Quite possible, they had another repl named lab something.

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And i need to put glasses one sometimes if i read false as true :slight_smile:

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A long*. I’m earlier than Qwerty

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