Python-based Cloudflare bypass

WeHateCF is a simple python-based request package for getting around the fundamentals of Cloudflare challenges. This could be used to create a temporary email client for :).


Very cool!
You should put up the source on GitHub!

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This was a while ago, before Cloudflare updated every challenge and included the new ones. I have an updated version to bypass the new one, but I won’t release it for many reasons. One, I don’t want a possible DMCA or something similar, and I’m not going to release something so powerful :).



Very cool that you kept updating it.

I love trying to reverse-engineer stuff and such.
Would you at least have Info/Docs on how this would be possible, (for learning purposes, of course!)

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I have multiple versions. I had one using headless and UC (Undetected-Chromedriver), but that broke. I think they added protection, as it no longer loads the challenges for those. I also have one using Playwright, and the same thing happened with UC; it no longer loads challenges. Lastly, I have one in pure requests that essentially replicates the entire clearance creation process.

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I actually posted a topic called Hash Generator for Python, which was essentially just a reversed part of the clearance generation.

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Ah, cool!

Looks like you spent a ton of time figuring out all this!

Come on, at least a sneak peak!

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