Pygame Error, What does this mean?

Running code in pygame and this keeps on happening before it starts,

could anybody help!

Hey @Endie01 welcome back!

Could you share a link to your Repl so we can look into what’s causing the error?

@Endie01 @SalladShooter Seems similar to this: C++ openGL package not working or specifically my addition to it: C++ openGL package not working - #8 by PepeAmpere

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Yes, it does seem to be the same issue.

Hello, the pygame template you are using is SEVERELY outdated, which could be the reason for this error.
So, trying using the other official pygame template, Pygame (Beta), which uses modern configuration and has pygame 2.5.0.


@Endie01 Check this suggestion C++ openGL package not working - #13 by NuclearPasta0 from @NuclearPasta0

It worked for me.

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