Publishing Student Projects Publicly

Is there a way to publish a student submission to make it available outside of our team?

My students recently completed the Mini Game Jam project from the KaboomJS curriculum and I’d like to share a few of the games with other students in our school.

I see that students can export their submissions to their personal account, but this looks like it will export all of their projects from the team. I’d like to be able to publish an individual project so that it doesn’t flood their personal replit with all of the scaffolding assignments we’ve completed leading up to the Jam.

To my knowledge, this is not possible to do automatically with the features built within replit.

You can download everything as a zip file.

Then make a new repl, unzip the downloaded zip file and then upload it.

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Thanks Ethan, this is a great workaround! I don’t anticipate needing this often so I can easily do this for the few projects I would like to keep as exemplars.


Sean Glantz

CTE Computer Science Teacher | PBL Instructional Coach
Da Vinci Charter Academy

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