Proxies not being taken down

Not sure if this is the correct place to put this, but I see people completely bypassing the “no proxy” rule. For example, people will just put the proxies in the disc or smth:


Is this allowed? Or does it still abide by the rules?

PS: @QwertyQwerty88 this really triggered me but it should be *TO not *TOO in the repl name. Just wanted to say smth before you did lol. :wink:

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Thats why. If you find ones directed at students please report it

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Wait so when we say that “proxies are against the Replit ToS and that’s why your Repl won’t run” are we wrong? Do we need to stop saying that and find a different solution?

Proxies are only against TOS if they specifically state they are for schools, so technically that is wrong unless it states it’s for school.

(A stupid rule because it’s so easily bypassed)

Hmm so why didn’t somebody tell us this long ago (like @not-ethan)? I’m not the only one who’s done this. Why do these Repls not run and throw ToS violation errors if they do not violate the ToS?

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Yeah exactly. I had heard that they were allowed, but not for school. But then everyone on the forum said that you couldn’t have them at all so then I got rlly confused.


ToS doesn’t directly mention school at all. Technically, to

  1. Use the Service to create a proxy with the purpose of circumventing any firewall or other access control measure;

is not allowed. To use the Service (Replit) in a manner that should bypass ANYTHING is not allowed. That means proxies for school, proxies for work, and/or proxies for bypassing McDonald’s Wi-Fi rules (assuming they exist), and all other types of proxies are not allowed.

BUT- say if you created an “unblocked” game (assume you have the rights to host it), which uses a proxy for the sole purpose to load that game, the proxy isn’t meant to unblock the game (or it shouldn’t) but it can if the official game was coincidentally blocked. Is it OK or not? I would say probably, as there is no direct connection to “unblocked” and using the proxy to bypass anything. Now, the game can be meant to unblock without being banned as I haven’t found that in “Prohibited Actions” but maybe it’s somewhere else.

Also, I wanted to say this:
The person didn’t say it was for school. And after you go into the proxy link, by then replit lost control of those bypassing-proxies unless they were built on Replit…

[Edit: When I mean the person, I mean the person who hosted the Repl with all those proxies, I wanted to clarify that.]

Yes and staff had said it’s only against TOS if they specifically state it as a bypasser for schools, work, etc. People can get away with it very easily and it’s very stupid (obvious illegal proxies should still be held accountable)

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open secret moment lol, but yes replit has a lot “on paper” illegal things like GQL being secret that, in reality, it doesn’t really care at this point


I’ve gone ahead and deleted the Repl advertising a bunch of proxies. Just report it and we’ll take care of it :+1: