Program Continues Running After Completion on Replit

Problem description

I am encountering an issue on Replit where my program continues running even after it completes execution. This behavior occurs consistently across different programs, and I suspect it might be a problem with the Replit environment or configuration.

Expected behavior

After my program completes execution, it should stop automatically, and the Replit console should become inactive.

Actual behavior

Upon the completion of program execution, it continues running indefinitely without automatically stopping, leading to a persistent and active Replit console.

Steps to reproduce

Write a simple program in the Replit IDE.
Run the program.
Observe that the program completes execution and produces the expected output.
However, the program does not stop automatically, and the Replit console remains active.





Device if mobile



free tier

Please upload screenshots

Hi @patildamodar198 , welcome to the forums!
I believe this only happens with the 100DoC repls as they are older. The newer repls shouldn’t have this problem.


Yes, this is because of the older code. I’ll put a task in for the team, but it’s not a quick fix as we’d essentially have to redo Repls for the whole course.

Thanks for reporting though! Appreciate it.

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I’m eager to keep up my momentum in the 100daysofcode challenge focused on learning Python. Could you please help me solve this problem quickly?

@patildamodar198 It shouldn’t affect your ability to go through the course.

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FYI, this should be fixed now for those doing 100DoC in the future. Thanks again for reporting!

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