Processing 4.0 Beta Programs are not running

Problem description:
No Processing 4.0 Beta programs are running in Replit.

Expected behavior:
Previously working programs used to work.

Actual behavior:
Instead of the programs running, the console says that there are 8841 errors, and the first 100 are displayed.

Steps to reproduce:
Run any Processing 4.0 program.

Bug appears at this link:

Chrome/Windows 10/laptop

I’m getting a 404 error from that link

Sorry. I believe that repl is private. Here is a link to a public file that has the same issue:

The template you’ve used seems to be old and has been broken by the migration to Nix. You used the Processing4 template by demcrepl, try the Processing (Java) template by replit.

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Unfortunately, that template seems to work differently compared to the previous one. The formatting is different from the version of Processing you would download from their official website.

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You could try configuring a regular Java repl to work with Processing and download the library into it :man_shrugging: