Problem with website

Question: when i click run it loads the site then the run button says run again and i can open it on my custom domain"

Replit Profile:

Please send us the exact reproduction steps and the link to your Repl so we can investigate

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What do you mean “exact reproduction steps”

the replit is called “t” i cannot post the link

link - https:// replit . com / @wauffle/ t

You can send links?

it wont let me for some reason

I’m given the message “this website redirected you too many times”. Check that your DNS records aren’t redirecting and conflicting with each other.

Unlink the domain and re-link it


alright its verifying right now

i verified it nothin changed

when i click run it loads up the webview and them says run again

I think your website is already running. I’m correct?

It’s working in the webview:

However I need to know if you created the games on your website, because if not and you don’t have permission from the original creators, you are going against the Terms of Service of using Replit.

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I need it to work at my custom domain

Can you give more details please? What are you using for your custom domain? Cloudflare?

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It’s just a simple game site, I’m using Cloudflare for my site DNS.

But I think your DNS is coorectly working. Is the domain you want?