Pro Plan > IDE Ghostwriter > Explain Code in IDE > is not working

I need some help here from the support team…
Instead of flaming everyone out :fire: :fire: like I really wanted to do…
I reminded myself I’m supposed to be a dolt.

ehemm an adult…

Here’s my story, I hope you find it entertainng and then… ya’know … fix it. Please.

Day 1, and it’s less than 30 minutes into my Ghostwriter adventure. You’d think everything would be smooth sailing, right? Well, think again!

Ghostwriter decides to take a vacation or something, :thinking: And here I am, with my fancy pro plan, payment made, confirmed with my bank account and all.

But what good is a shinny new Pro plan if Ghostwriter decides to go on break to make a sandwich in middle of the day?

I chat with Ghostwriter, hoping for some guidance.
GW suggested I upload my file so GW can take a look and give some input.

Great idea, :bulb: right? I upload and save the file, ask a few questions, and get some nice responses. Things are looking up!

Uploaded and saved, aske more questions, got nice responses.

Out of nowhere, it all comes to a stop… well most of it anyway.
Ghostbuster suddenly can’t read the code after I updated and saved it.
I really think Ghostbuster went to sleep or something :thinking: not sure.

What on earth is going on? I’m a bit suspect here so I ask a few questions.

Ghostwriter suggested it might be because I may not have enough “cycles.”

Cycles? What? I thought Ghostwriter was included with the sparkly new Pro plan…
As suggested I check my Cycles under my account I had zero cycles.

Confused, I inquire about it, and Ghostwriter assures me that it’s included.
Included :thinking: < that’s me thinking… well trying to.

In an attempt to salvage the situation, Ghostwriter suggests the classic tech support solution:

Log out and back in   ✓   because, ya’know that alwasy works

But hey, it’s worth a shot, right? So I follow the advice and log out and back in, hoping for a miracle.

Ghostbuster starts suspecting maybe I don’t have the latest version of Replit.
Let that sink in…

Where would one find the latest version of Replit?

:thinking: browser-based  ✓ yup. I checked that too. Just in case ; )

Ghostbuster suggested I check the tools to see if Ghostwriter is present.
✓ Ghostwriter is indeed present. Score one for technology!

I can’t help but chuckle at this comical series of events. Day 1 with Ghostwriter, and I’m already caught in a web of confusion and browser-based mishaps.

Who knew technology could be so full of surprises?
“That’s why we do I.T. so you don’t have to.” cpos alpha excellence in point of sale

Explain Code is not working either… Now my fingers have dyslexia… so I was really careful
with that right click thingy on the mouse.

Just in case…
I ran to the store and pick me up some of those cycles like they have on the washing machine.


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Please do not ping staff in your posts unless they participated in the topic. And some things like explain code only is available in some languages. I have asked some people that know more about this internaly


Sorry, about that, I noticed you edited that rather quickly… so I went and read the rules… like I suppose I should have…

Thanks again…


It looks like Ghostwriter is working, but not giving the right answers and/or is hallucinating.

Your account checks out. Wanna share or DM me the Repl and I can share the logs with the AI team.


Hi Jesse,

Did I respond to you?
Not the best with Discord… learning in progress.

You can DM Jesse here like so:


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