Possible to connect to an SSL API?


Is it possible to connect to an API that requires an SSL cert. The sort where you sign the SSL locally and load the cert to their website too?

Usually for logging into their website before connecting to their API.
Not to be confused with Replit website hosting.

Example files would be .pem or .crt.

Thanks for any help in advance.

If I can do this I will definitely upgrade.

You can create any file within a Repl and serve them statically and dynamically.
Have you tried running an SSL API on Replit yet? Iā€™m not too familiar with the topic.

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I think with some SSL certs they have to be used with the server they are generated on. I could be wrong though.

I have made some progress though. I upgraded and Ghostwriter seems to be able to direct me on how to achieve this.