Possible issue in the app for smartphone

Tested on

  • Android 13

  • App version: 2.50.0

Problem description:

I had created a empty replit and after customizing it according to the documentation, I started to write my python3 code.

After becomming ready with one part to test, I had clicked the “run” button. After that, I had recieved a loot of verbose (and trash) output with few ones marked as an error.

When running in the app the “shell”, I have discovered that the system PATH is neither included into the repl environment variables, with causes that the python3 interpreter is not beeing discovered and thru it the repl can’t become run

Expected behavior:

Running the code

Actual behavior:

Loot of verbose trash output

Fixing suggestions

  • add the system’s PATH into each repl environment variable

  • ensure that every type interpreter is installed and up to date

  • ensure that all dependencies are always meet

  • install the man-db package (commands of the build-in tools require access to it)

Hi @mcgiwer , welcome to the forums!
Could you share the error message that you received?
Can you please provide a link to the repl? This way it is easier for staff and members of the community to help you!

Also see this guide on how to share your code:



It seem that unfortunatelly, the smartphone app doesn’t provide any easy way neither to share, nor to copy&paste the content of the console tab.

The “screenshoot” idea got striked out because it’s too much work with preparing it (including edition to blur the private and confidential parts of them).

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@mcgiwer Hmm… it’s not too easy solving this issue without the error.
Highlight the error, press and hold to copy, then paste it here? It’s the best option.
I’ll come back later, gotta sleep now.

Hello. The ticket has not been solved and issue still persist


Hi @mcgiwer !
Could you send a screenshot of the error? And send the link to your repl?