Poll: How did you discover Replit

Curious how you all found Replit!

  • Google/Search
  • Friend
  • School
  • Social Media
  • Other (comment)

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Personally I found it by Google I think, I was looking for easy way to make/host websites in HTML and Replit was simple enough for 11 year old me to understand how it works.


This was how I found replit.

Google Search: “online python ide with pygame”

Google searches (in order):
“where to start learning python”


“What is an IDE”

hm, interesting

“Best IDEs for webbrowser”


…I think school? Sorry you asked me to think too far back :rofl:

OK after a solid minute of thinking, yeah, I joined because I heard about it in school (also there was only one coder in the school at the time if you don’t count Scratchers).

So this does mean that I wasn’t allowed to be on Replit at the time but now I can legally use it.

  1. some kid in school used it
  2. I needed a way to put my HTML stuff online

I think Drive To Web does this but bad but now I am too invested in Replit to switch to something new like Glitch even though my filter company likes it more


im sorry…OnE??? One coder?!

Don’t wanna brag but I know some people who’ve started coding because I did in my school.

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Cool! It’s nice to see someone spreading the trade…art…skill? whatever to call it around. I think it’s more disappointing that barely anyone knew how. (My parents know nothing lol)


I found it during school for projects but then used it to host my games

Google searches in order:
“Where to code HTML”
scrolls for an hour
Best places to code on your school chromebook
Hm what is this
1 day later…
“Hi everyone, I am pxlmastr”

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Looking for an online IDE so I could change Scratch’s cloud variables to whatever I wanted and share information between the project and something else (So the project could read it’s own comments and stuff)

I mess with APIs too much lol

No such thing. You’re fineeee. Api’s are fun to play around with anyway.


I may have also used this to break several multiplayer games and put myself first on leaderboards, so…

but that was a while ago

Actually you’ll get banned (that’s what GrimSteel said)

welp, alrigthy then. guess hes not fine then.

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where did i learn about it
oh yeah i learnt it from hacking a hackers website turns out it just was a pro coder
definitely not @Firepup650