Please Help Me With This Homework

good evening/morning
I’m taking a gen ed course that is using replit and i have no clue why on gods green earth were using it but i need help.

Your task: Your program will receive three numbers. Use the functions below to bring them in, turn them each into an int , and print out the total.

Use the input function to get your numbers:
The int function turns text into numbers:
The print function puts out the answer:

none of those words make sense and i really dont want to have a mental breakdown over this course. everytime i ask for help tutors talk to me like its the easiest thing in the world and its. not. i dont understand any of it. the class lectures did not discuss this

please help i’m so lost

link to the assignment

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Hey @chloepeterson2 welcome to the forums!

In the future please don’t post school assignments here, thanks! We can’t give you the answer, but we can help guide you towards the right way.


What language is this in? Generally there would be some way you could turn an argument into an integer, and then adding them is just num1 + num2 + num3.

English is the language if thats what you mean.
this is only my second week doing coding and i’m not a math or coding major.

i’m having trouble even finding the number, i type:

since that is what was hinted at in the assignment but i get nothing, i know i’m doing something wrong but as you see the rest of the instructions are very vague so i have no clue how to even get the numbers to bring them in.

Nanana I meant the programming language lol. But telling from your code sample it looks like Python.

This would prompt the user to type something three times, and then assign their responses to variables as text (which is called a string).

You just need to take those inputs and use the int function as described to convert them to integers since, by default, they’re strings. Then, print the result:

print("Hello, World!")

^^ Example, not the actual answer, as we cannot provide answers to school assignments.

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This flowchart may or may not help you understand a little more:


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Hey, @chloepeterson2!
Coding can be confusing, but that’s perfectly okay — everyone starts somewhere!

I can explain what these three terms (input, int, and print) are.

First of all, an int is short for integer, which is a non-decimal number. You can use the int() function to convert other forms of data, like text (aka strings) and decimals (aka floats) to standard numbers (or ints).

Secondly, the input function gets input from the user in the console and returns what the user types, after they press enter. If you want, you can assign the return value to a variable, like you did:
some_input = input(“Type something here: “)

Finally, the print function puts text to the screen, showing the user what the programmer desires. As follows:
print(“This shows up on in the console!!!”)

I know that can be a lot, so please ask any questions you have. I’d love to assist you in understanding these concepts, though I am unable to directly give you a completed assignment.