Pip package installation Error

Erm you shouldn’t have… try creating a new file with the name pyproject.toml, and use the file’s History to go back by 1 and recover the data.

Click the 3 dots at the top of the Files sidebar > Show Hidden Files > .replit

here you go:


Try adding --break-system-packages to the pip uninstall command, it shouldn’t actually break anything, as it’s an incorrect detection for the error.

i hope it is something not recommended, and its also looks scary

The error that is causing it to be required is only that, an error. It’s incorrectly detecting the kind of system that it is on, and needs to be overriden to work properly here.

what should i uninstall then?

I’d say try making pip remove pip (as was being tried originally), just with the “break” option passed.

still same issue after uninstalling and reinstalling pip as well

What if you just don’t upgrade pip? It seems like it should work fine without the update.

while installing any package its saying bash: /home/runner/ADAM/.pythonlibs/bin/pip: No such file or directory

Honestly, I’d recommend you just transfer your code to a new Repl and try again, as you’ve somehow broken your existing one.

ha to easy i can do it

let me know how to please?

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Please share a link to a repl or fork of the repl.

I would recommend deleting the .pythonlibs folder. I think you should also delete .local folder. Then, check pyproject.toml and ensure that there are no unwanted packages (including pip). If there are, delete their lines. Then, run poetry update in the Shell to reinstall all of your packages.


so sorry brother i cannot fork or share the repl becasue its a client private repl… from company

okay let me do as you described… i will let you know

Or, @komicatracencod , try entering poetry add pyaudio in the Shell.

Poetry uses pip, so that should fail outright.

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Still the same… failed

Could you try transferring your code to a new Repl? That seems like the easiest solution here.

EDIT: Seeing as you mentioned it was a company one, perhaps try @NuclearPasta0’s solution?