Pings in repl chat are case-sensitive

Problem description:
Pings in the repl chat are case-sensitive.

Expected behavior:
They are not case-sensitive because the ones in comments are not.

Actual behavior:
They are case-sensitive.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Invite someone to your repl
  2. Ping them in a case that their username isn’t in
  3. Observe the fact that they don’t get a notification

Bug appears at this link:
All repls.

Chrome/Windows 10/INTEL Laptop

@bigminiboss helped me find this bug :slight_smile:


Hi @Firepup650 thanks for your message.

Can you confirm that the ping works when you use the correct case?


I can confirm that pings work when cased correctly, they just don’t work when incorrectly cased, which is inconsistent behavior with replit comments at the minimum.

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Can I test this with you? I’ll ping you a DM with a Repl.

That is fine, go ahead.

Thanks. That was really useful. Much appreciated!

I’ve shared it with support and will update the topic when I get a response.

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Happy to help with finding and helping to fix problems!

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Hey @Firepup650!

Thank you for reporting. We will look into this!


I am not able to reproduce the issue. I tried pinging a multiplayer user in a thread, using all caps, and it worked fine. Can you send me a video of how you’re encountering the issue so I can get a better idea of the issue?

It works fine in threads (for some reason), but it does not work in the Chat.

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