Perks of Replit Core

On the pricing page, it says a few things that are very vague.
Here, I’ll go piece by piece.

  1. What special events do we have access to? If not that, what nature would these events be? In person/online? Special Announcements?

  2. What does “early access to new features” mean? I thought we had free access to the explorer role no matter if we were paying or not.

  3. Lastly, what does “member community” mean? I thought Ask was our Replit community… what’s this mean?


I thought the exact same thing! Maybe they’re trying to make it look enticing for new users to get Core. It’s a marketing strategy.


Yeah, highly agreed.


I asked about this and it doesn’t exist yet but will be made soon if I understand corectly

Okay, good to know. What will be the difference, though?

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Its only for Core users I guess

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Why is it even on there yet then? :laughing:

isn’t that worse than ask bc of less people?

Have there ever been any events in Replit at all?

Will sharing projects become available only to paid users? Will Ask be paid?

If it costs them money, then I wouldn’t count of Replit to keep it free.

Hi All. I noticed this post earlier and wanted to get some answers from the internal folks for you:

  1. Special events are going to be member-only virtual and in-person events.

  2. Early access to new features is an upcoming update to Replit’s beta testing and feedback program.

  3. Member community is Replit building programs alongside eligible members who would like to participate.

It’s all pretty brand new (like Replit Core) and we’ll probably have more details as it develops, but basically, they are all perks that give more opportunities for our members to be involved with Replit.


Sounds cool! I wonder if I’ll be able to attend any in-person events… definitely the online ones though!

But isn’t that what the “explorers” role is?

I’m not sure if I fully understand – could you elaborate?


Would that mean something like the Core members would be able to get special help from eligible members (so would that be people from Ask)? If this is the case, I think that is pretty cool.


Good questions from @RedCoder and @SalladShooter.

For the early access, yes, it is a bit similar to what the “explorers” role is currently, but it will all start to look a bit different in the coming months. I wish I had more details to share, but they are still finalizing.

For the Member Community, we are building a new community focused on memberships and social productivity. Yes, our Ask Forums are a community too (which I love and wouldn’t take away from) but this new member community will have opportunities available only to members.

There’s a lot of room for creativity here on what we achieve within the Member Community and I do think a lot of the programs would start out as pilots to see how well they are working out. For example, we could do a collaborative pilot program to help members deploy their very first projects (where Replit mentors and Core members can work together). Or we could do a pilot program together where we review a member application for suggestions or improvements. Since it’s a community of builders, those are the kind of programs I’d love to see where we collaborate together and help make our projects better.

I’m really just throwing things out there, but you get the idea. It’s up to the discretion of folks who would be facilitating those programs, but definitely room for cool ideas especially as it relates to building in Replit.


What if it was also on Ask, but a secure category like for TL3s+? Or a special group here which allows you to access it. (maybe with a special flair/title/chatroom)


To clarify, Ask is not going away, correct? This is in addition to Ask, not a replacement?

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Yes, that’s correct.

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