Pay Cycles to increase account warns

Describe your feature request
Since Replit just lowered the amount of warns a user could get before getting banned, and I’d rather not get banned, there could be a feature where you can pay a few cycles to raise the amount of warns you can get on an account.

Tell us why would this be helpful
Real, active accounts are less likely to get banned accidentally/falsely, and bot accounts will likely not pay money to not get banned since there are hundreds of them.

Describe the user group to whom would this be helpful
Active and good community members that don’t understand/want to read pages and pages of legal documents.

Describe any related issues/limitations that would be solved by having this feature
If the amount of cycles payed was very low, the warn limit could be lowered so that people that don’t intend in following the ToS get banned quicker and users that respect the terms can actually do stuff on Replit without being so worried about getting banned.


So, basically, you want moderators to take the context into account instead of following a strict process, which I’m sure they do already? Even if you get auto-banned, people have been unbanned after valid appeals, and probably banned more quickly than the stated moderator process would say when their bad intent is clear


Hey @LuisAFK,

First for people who might not understand what Luis is trying to request it’s this :

Imagine you have 3 warning tickets on Replit, every time you get warned x amount ticket/tickets disappear, if you reach 0 tickets you get banned, what Luis requests are that you can buy more tickets for x amount of cycles.

I personally don’t like this idea. Getting banned is not something you can negotiate, maybe in some cases when there’s been an error, but it should be something that shouldn’t be negotiated. In my opinion, active real account should not have to buy cycles so they don’t get banned.

If you think that you were warned or banned by mistake or just think there’s been an error you can always appeal in the Replit Moderation website.