Opening my repl linked to a specific domain is downloading a malicious .zip file

Whenever I open one of my repls that is linked to the domain or a subdomain of a malicious .zip file is downloaded to my computer. This only happens on domains I have purchased through namecheap. I contacted namecheap support and they said the domains point to cloudflare’s servers and to contact my hosting provider (replit). What do I do?

I think the link will still work. Try that link and if the file does not appear then it is not a replit issue.


That is what I tried to do, and my website worked fine. I then contacted my domain provider (namecheap) and they said the domain correctly points to cloudflare which points to replit.

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If the link works as expected and the namecheap link is malicious, then I would avoid namecheap as it seems likely that it is either malicous, hacked, or has a dangerous bug. Perhaps you should use a more reputable company, such as Google Domains.