Online Hackathon Judge Signups

So me and a few other people are making an online Hackathon since Replit is doing an in person one this year. We need a few judges (up to 3 judges) for the online Hackathon we are hosting. Reply with why you would be a good judge and if you have some previous experience judging.

Hope to see you there!

4/4 Judges. You can’t vote on your own submission if you participate. Repls will be judged out of 100 points, sectioned off like so:

  • Out of 20 points for Science
  • Out of 20 points for Technology
  • Out of 20 points for Engineering
  • Out of 20 points for Art
  • Out of 20 points for Mathematics

You will rate each section based on how well the did in each category then total them up for one nice neat number. You must all agree on each point total before moving on.




what is the hackathon about

@bigminiboss the Hackathon is a coding challenge (usually Replit) gives out for people to compete for prizes, since this is community done we don’t have any prizes but I think it will still be a fun event.

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yes what’s the theme

@bigminiboss we don’t know yet and are trying to decide, any ideas (just an overall theme (at one point they did create a template))

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well you could make one for some sort of ascii game.

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@bigminiboss could you elaborate more on ASCII since that can be letters and symbols.

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@SalladShooter I would assume @bigminiboss means ASCII art.

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not ascii art sorry it’s an abrievation for a game that’s made in the console. More advanced ones can even have (very laggy) graphics. It’s actually extremely difficult to make one with graphics… that doesn’t lag

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I would definitely want to be a judge but I think I’ll have more fun competing :wink:

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I would apply to be a judge but I want to compete against everyone :people_wrestling:

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I’m not here to signup for a hackathon judge role, but to join the hackathon (probably) and ask some questions.
Those questions are:

  • How are submissions judged?
  • What counts as a good submission?
  • What is the deadline?
  • When will it start?
  • and how is one submission compared to another?

These are fundamental questions that a hackathon organizer should be able to answer confidently – which will lead to a great hackathon. Anyways, looking forward to the hackathon! See you all then. :upside_down_face:


@SalladShooter Can I be a judge? I know I’m in it already but…
Wait. What are the languages accepted? I need to know this before I join (it’s unprofessional to judge a Swift program without any knowledge, right?)

Huh? Why would you judge it based on the programming language?

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No, as in I should know the language of the program, no?
Unless you are saying that performance and user-interface is what will be graded.

No, why?

Well what else are you supposed to grade? How clean the code is?

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Ok. @SalladShooter can I be a judge?

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@NateDhaliwal do you have any experience judging?

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@NoNameByProgram we are working on the Dates, Theme, and how you should make a good submission. Also we will only tell the people actually making and judging the Hackathon that to not spoil it for everyone.

Seriously. When have you had any experience judging coding programs!
(It sounds fun so I don’t mind trying it. The final decision is still yours.)

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