Omega Royale — V1

This is a game I made about 6 months ago. It’s not that good, but I did make it during my very early days of Python.

New link:

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what does it do? Would live when people would do like in the old times with first an intro page :slight_smile:

Just a game I made to exercise my coding skills back when I was a beginner in Python.

I know, i meant what is the game … love when people do something till the end !

Very good game @OmegaOrbitals :+1:

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Players are randomly eliminated, and last man standing wins

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I like the game @OmegaOrbitals

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Love the way you did it btw, interface and everything.

I think this should be better with tkinter or python GUI

Thanks, it means a lot coming from you

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NO tkinter makes everything worse :laughing:

You can’t style tkinter very well right?

But it look nice if it is made with HTML,CSS,JS

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I didn’t really want to make it too complicated, like I said it was made during my early days of Python

I am thinking that I should made it using C

As now I am learning C

Never took the time to learn that thing

As now this is my 3rd Language that I am learning (HTML,CSS first and then Python)

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What do you think about this @OmegaOrbitals?