[Oaklang.org] TimberStack + Firewood Beta

Oak TimberStack + Firewood Beta

( OaklangTIS is useful in JS apps! It can compile in JS!! )


Untitled design (1)

Oak TimberStack + Firewood is a lib for creating advanced toys in Oak for Replit.

Oak on it’s own is pretty powerful, it’s syntax allows for you to get lazy and relax!!

It can combine into Binary Machine Code or JS!!

It has a (WIP) Package Manager, and has support for running CLI magic!!
Although Oak is a very strong toy language, it needs some additional ware to use the small low-level language professionally.

Using TimberStack in general will streamline your Repl, and Oak experience!!
With updated docs, and some refinement to the somewhat forgotten Oaklang.

If you would like to contribute to TimberStack to make it even better, contribute!!

SpcFORK/Replit-AI-Oak: An OAK Replit AI API wrapper for Replit’s Model Farm! (github.com)

Then maybe my Oak-Modelfarm API might actually have a reason to exist, lol!!


I would suggest not using the Replit logo and name in your program title if this isn’t officially by Replit, as you may get sued.


The name is completely unrelated to Replit.
The ModelFarm repo is a rewrite of Replit software for Repls.

Also, “Replit AI” is the name of Replit AI.

Why did you crop the logo?

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It’s very different from the logo and is not the same.
I can assure you Replit does not own this color, or style of square, let alone the corner of one.

Also, I think this is because they were making a product/project for people to view,
I would dread the day Replit starts taking down Github repos for having Replit in the name.
It likely wouldn’t happen.

Property is the opposite.


Rule 21 of the official Replit ToS:


Alright, I’ll rearrange my square design!

Untitled design (1)

Now you can tell that it is different, like I said.
And is not made with parts of the Replit logo.


Still. Since you started from the Replit logo and have just modified the logo further, this still breaks the rule.

the Canva document shows the elements used in the picture,

You can see each shape, and that these shapes are not proprietary, royalty free and not owned by Replit.

The gear shape is not owned by Replit.

Note my use of “My” in the above statement.

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Still, you have broken the rule.

ok if i put the replit image on a canva project, and then delete it and replace it with a picture of kanye west, is it a violation of the tos?

btw that’s (imo) a better icon bc of how its structured like an html page: heading, body, and footer.