Npm install error! So frustrating

Problem description

I can run this project in any other IDE on the planet without problems, get the second I tried to run NPM install on Replit, it tells me there’s an error and that I need to update NPM, then when I do that, it gives me the exact same error as if NPM doesn’t exist. This is so frustrating and the documentation for Replit makes no sense when it comes to package managers

Expected behavior

WORK! Build the project the same way any project is intended to be built the way the PROJECT requires it. Stop using this forced behavior that conflicts with 99% of repo requirements.

Actual behavior

It gives me an error as I already state. Why is this form so repetitive

Steps to reproduce

Oh my Lordy. Cmon guys. This is just painful.


No browser!



Device if mobile



free tier

Please upload screenshots

Could you send a repl link so that we can check your package.json file?