Notification bug

Problem description

When I start the app, now the notification is no longer working if someone message you. Will it show the number on the notification button but when you open it you won’t see anything and once you refresh it… It will vanish.

Expected behavior

It should show the message notification and when clicking on it it should take to the page or the bounty where the notification comes from

Actual behavior

It is not showing any notification

Steps to reproduce

Just raised a new bounty and assign it to someone and message them to see the bug yourself


Any browser will work


Any os

Device if mobile

Any os


Free not sure about core

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Hi @07rishabh , welcome to the forums!
In the notifications popup, click on the All tab, and you should see your notification there.

I’m facing the same issue I don’t receive any notification. Some of the bounty poster are messaging me but beacause of I don’t receive notification I miss them and after one day mail from replit comes that this person has messaged you.

Does anyone know how to solve this notification issue.

Hi @pruthvirajjadh2 , welcome to the forums!
Does the notification show up in the All tab?

No it doesn’t is the any way to fix this

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Thanks for reporting @07rishabh and @pruthvirajjadh2. I can reproduce.

It seems specific to the Bounty chat functionality because I still get notifications for other Bounty-related items like applications.

In any case, we’ll look into it!

same issue with me , missing notifications from 3 days.

Facing the same issue from quite some time. Kindly loook into it.

Is it fixed yet? I’m missing out on lot of messages

Hi there, please be patient while the team fixes this. They likely have other bug reports to go through, so it might not be fixed in one day.

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@07rishabh @noumanarshad159 @mecskyverse @pruthvirajjadh2
This should be fixed now. I just tested and verified but you’re welcome to test as well when you have an opportunity.

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