Not to able to write code on my own

Greetings everyone. I am on 50 th day of 100 days of code(python). Although i have learned new stuff daily through replit course, after day 15 i have to look at the solution every day to complete the challenge. I am facing quite the trouble of writing code from scratch. What i should do to improve?

Hi @ndevileyee , welcome to the forums!
You should go back to the tutorials, and complete all the projects before Day 15 again. Then, when you feel confident, tackle the projects after Day 15 one at a time. Only look at the solution when you’re done.
Hope this helps!
P.S. I have this super helpful Python book, called Python Crash Course (3rd Edition). You could check that out!

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Thank you for the suggestion. I just downloaded the pdf of the book. Just a simple query, i saw the chapters in this book and i noticed there are many coding challenges like replit. So can you tell me where i can find the solutions of these coding challenges in case i got stucked?

The answers for the exercises are found on Python Crash Course, Third Edition , as mentioned on page xxxv, along with other things like cheat sheets.