Not sure if the path to my image is correct

Hi, I’m a true beginner. I’m trying to understand basic concepts. I’d like to insert a logo under the nav bar. I’m not sure I coded it correctly. It’s not showing up. Thank you so much.

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code snippet

Welcome to the community! From your description, I assume you are using HTML. Please include the link to your Repl so that we can try to determine the issue.
HTML image embedding

<img src="path/to/img.png"/>
<img src="https://url-to-image"/>

Either of the above options work. Note that the image does not have to be a PNG, but you do need to include the file name extension in the file path. In the second example, that is not a real URL, but you can put in a valid image path URL.

Thanks! I thought I did include the link. I am using html/css

You’re welcome! I added the code here. Also, you had a comment that just continued on and stopped several of your elements from closing properly. I undid that as well.
Basic example:




EDIT: If you want to change where the image is, you’ll have to use CSS.

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Thanks so much. I have CSS code for the logo. Is it correct? I really appreciate it.

The only CSS you need is for the class logo. Since the image is in a <div> with that class, it will be affected by it. Your extra CSS class for the image is unnecessary.
For example, this centers the image horizontally:

.logo {
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