[not solved] I need to recreate a project in HTML/css/js

I used to code on scratch a lot, and transitioned to html/css. I enjoy web design, and sometimes making simple games, but this is more of a challenge. I was having fun with my friends, and showed them a game I made a while back, (then re uploaded multiple times). They said that I should recreate it, so I decided to try. I barely know JS, so can I have some help? link: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/533779521/

You could use TurboWarp to compile your project into real code.


Ive done that, but I want to remake it.

Hmm… maybe this should be in Collaborations ? Or post a Bounty? The HTML code that TurboWarp provides is quite difficult to understand (at least for me) and I don’t see how you can recreate this easily.

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I want to start from scratch(not the language lol), and I have no cycles :confused:

Well, here’s a start:

If you want to achieve the “character looking at the mouse cursor” effect, you can do something like eyefollowtest.boston2029.repl.co except with just a single element (the tank).

You can look at its code at view-source:https://eyefollowtest.boston2029.repl.co/. It uses some weird complex math stuff that I don’t even understand lol


btw how should i do thisuse your website? also thats just trig to get the angle i think

Move the cursor around. I don’t think it works on phone (but it might if you just tap in certain spots).

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hmm interesting but the eyes aren’t aligned…

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I would want it to support mobiles.

@here Can I just loop this script? this.direction = this.radToScratch( Math.atan2( this.mouse.y - this.y, this.mouse.x - this.x ) );